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"Priest is a man governed by his passions. His love as a father for his sons, coaching football, and as a man who thinks he's found the love of his life. Her name is Cyntice, a beautiful woman from whom he wants it all; mind, body, and soul." Cyntice is seeking the same thing. Just like Priest she wants the warmth of a complete fulfilling love to replace the bitter sting of a past betrayal. Yes she wants the same as Priest, but all she can give him is her body!"

Troy Bankston wants them both...DEAD!!!

Paperback (5X8)
ISBN: 9781420897364
Pub. Date: February 2006
Price: $16.30






About the Book

ONE LAST TEAR ONE LAST KISS is a story about one man’s search for love, and the near fatal, addicting, metaphysical relationship he finds with the one woman.

Santana Priest is a complex man with a storied past who wants what most people want, love. Boundless, complete, fulfilling love which harbors no secrets, and no reason to fear betrayal. However it seems fate has decided that this is not to be. Priest fights to overcome the death and scars of his past, and the condemnation of loneliness prophesied over his mother, that some how seems to have been passed on to him.

Cyntice Caldwell, the beautiful news anchorwoman, appears to be the answer to Priest’s dreams, but the turmoil of her life is a recipe for ruin. It becomes a destructive trip that carries both her and Priest on a roller coaster ride of love, volcanic sex, denial, and hatred that threatens their lives, and the people they love.